Friday, January 15, 2010

What's New with Crossbar?

It has been a little while since our last update but that just means we've been busy!
Our main focus has been putting together Whistler: The Complete Picture for everyone to enjoy. We want everyone to participate even if they've never been to Whistler, so please participate. You can become a fan of the exhibition on Facebook or check out the new blog.

Another exciting project we are working on is with the very first Rammed Earth House in Whistler. After researching this ancient building technique we have become very interested in the method and encourage everyone to look into it.
Rammed Earth Construction
The house that was built is really something to see. The guys at RDC Fine Homes did an amazing job at creating a home that has a small eco footprint without compromising the luxury or comfort that everyone loves. It's definitely worth a look.
Rammed Earth House in Whistler

This ad will run in Mountain Life Magazine:

That's it for now. Enjoy the weekend!

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Magic Gem

It is widely accepted that if it were not for the Magic Gem, Crossbar Design wouldn't even exist.

How do we know this? Well we don't for sure, but it has never left our possession since we found it and we're too scared to let it go.

Where did it come from? That's one of the great mysteries of it all. Erica found it by chance in class one day and asked Sarah if it was hers. When Sarah (who was very grumpy that day) told her it wasn't hers, the two were very intrigued. Throughout the day they determined that it was magic because of strange things that were happening. It would do things like show up on Sarah's mouse or keyboard when her head was turned only to surprise her with its presence when she turned her head back.

It was later discovered that Erica was the one moving the Magic Gem the entire time in an attempt to cheer Sarah up. But because it actually did make Sarah laugh, it was still thought of to be magical.

The Magic Gem now spends most of its time safely in Vancouver with Erica because she needs all the magic she can get. However, it is so powerful that it is able to reach Sarah in Whistler as well.

**Now that you know our secret, please do not attempt to steal or reproduce the Magic Gem.**

Jimmy Simpson

Coming Soon!
A new realtor to Whistler by the name of Jimmy Simpson!

We are working with Jimmy to develop a strong brand that will set him apart from the many other realtors in the area.
We know that he will be successful, but you don't...yet!

Our plan is to help Jimmy help you by providing tips & tricks. So whether you're a first time home buyer or an investor (or anyone in between), Jimmy Simpson will be there.

Here is a little preview of some booklet covers:

2010 Olympics @ Whistler Real Estate

We are nearly finished putting everything together for an exhibition design at the Whistler Real Estate office. "Whistler: The Complete Picture" will run from mid-December until the end of the 2010 Olympics in February.

Our hope for the project is to show visitors (and locals) that there is more to Whistler than ski hills and the Village. We can't give away all the details just yet, but if you happen to be around the Whistler Real Estate office in the next little while, stop by and participate.

Here's a little hint of what we're doing. It is a
very small hint, the full project is going to be awesome.

We'll keep you posted as we get closer to finishing everything.